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Clothes weigh somewhere between 2 and 2 1/2 lbs. on average depending upon the type of outfit worn and skewing heavier for male-gendered clothing. This number climbs with heavy winter gear, but is fairly consistent for most basic outfits in the western world and includes in its calculations shoes, s


The most that a letter can weigh and still be shipped using the United States Postal Service's First-Class service is 3.5 ounces. Letters weighing more may be subject to additional postage charges. Letters that do not bend, have clasps or are lumpy may also incur a nonmachinable surcharge.


The bones that make up the human skeleton comprise about 15 percent of the body weight. Thus, a 200-pound person has a bone weight of about 30 pounds.


The moon is moving through space in free-fall and is therefore regarded as weightless. Weight, defined as the net force of gravity on an object, is not relative to an orbiting body such as the moon.


The average passenger car tire weighs between 20 and 22 pounds, light truck tires less than 17 inches in diameter weigh around 35 pounds, and semi-truck tires weigh between 105 and 110 pounds. The weight of off-road tires varies depending on use, such as for agriculture, mining or large equipment. S


A liter is the metric unit of volume, not of mass or weight. The weight of a substance occupying 1 liter depends entirely on its density. For example, water has a density of approximately 1 gram per milliliter; hence, 1 liter of water weighs about 1 kilogram, or 2.2 lbs.


According to Rawr Denim, a pair of jeans can weigh anywhere from 12 to 32 ounces. Jeans can be categorized by the weight of a square yard of denim, which is based on the density of the thread.


The weight of an airplane depends on its size, type and configuration. The FAA classifies aircraft into six weight classes, the smallest being for airplanes under 12,500 pounds and the largest being for airplanes over 300,000 pounds.


The western pipistrelle bat is the smallest known species of bat in the United States, and it weighs less than a penny, while the greater mastiff bat is the largest known species in the U.S., and it weighs around 2 ounces. There are multiple different bat species that vary in typical weight.


Adult lions typically weigh between 265 and 420 pounds. A lion's weight is impacted by its subspecies and gender. The Asiatic subspecies of lions generally weigh more than African lions, and male lions typically weigh more than female lions.