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What Is the Average Weight of a Book? The weight of a book depends on how large the book is. A standard paperback novel is about 6 by 9 inches. Assuming a length of 300 pages, that equates to about 15.6 ounces on average. A standard size hardcover book weighs more than paperback. A 460-page book is about 1 pound, 2 ounces on average, while a ...


This book weight calculator estimates the weight of a book based on paper, page count, page size, and binding. More book printing calculators available!


Average Weight of A Paperback Book / Hardcover Book ... Labels: Average Weight of a Paperback, Of A Hardcover Book. 14 comments: Dali_ June 3, ... There is a thrift shop in my area that sells books by weight,and I now I know about how much that works out to be per book. Very helpful.


Need to know how much a single book (softcover), or your whole box of books is going to weigh? Self Publish Australia's handy Book Weight Calculator is very useful to calculate postage charges (see below).


How much do books weight? Why would you want to know? Well, at work (www.rootskitchens.co.uk) we are frequently asked to supply book shelves.Remembering that every book is different, a typical selection of cookery books (at least, the selection I had to hand at the shop) weighed a total of 2.25Kg and occupied 100mm when standing on edge.


average-sized book weighs 12 ounces. "We analyzed all the books sold by our booksellers and determined that. the average book weighs 12 ounces and over 75% weighed under 1 pound. and eight ounces ...


Hello. According to the founder of online bookseller Alibris.com, an average-sized book weighs 12 ounces. "We analyzed all the books sold by our booksellers and determined that the average book weighs 12 ounces and over 75% weighed under 1 pound and eight ounces."


I think the question about the weight of a children's book gets way cooler if you decide to find out "How much does the biggest children's book weigh" instead. So I Googled to find out what the world's largest children's book would be, because I don't have a copy of a current Guinness book of records on hand.


Book Weight Calculator. This page displays the approximate weight and thickness of a book, given its specs. It has specific details on the paper used for many types of books at Lulu, but can report on any book when given enough information. This is a work in progress. Please provide feedback by weighing or measuring your actual book, and let me ...


Boob Weight…You won’t believe what yours are!! Phoebe - 3 November 2015 . Everyone’s heard of the saying ‘a weight off your chest’ but have you ever wondered what the actual weight ON your chest is? We’ve been researching boob weight and finding out what different sized chests weigh the equivalent to. Looking at ...