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It is absolutely shocking how much hair one small dog can shed. A Labrador isn't exactly backward in shedding his hair, but in a competition with a pug, the pug wins. As a pug owner, you can't stop your pug from shedding, but you can take steps to minimize it.


The other common question that leads to some mixed responses regards the colour of the pug. Do black pugs shed less than fawn pugs, as many suspect? While there are some owners of black pug that would say that black pug shedding is just as bad, fawn pugs are physically pre-determined to shed more.


It is also known that female pugs can shed more heavily when in season/heat and also when she has given birth, caused by the hormonal changes. Pug Shedding Control Tips – How to reduce / prevent pug shedding. Although there is absolutely no way to stop a pug from shedding hair, it is possible to decrease and control the amount.


Black pugs do definitely shed. I don't tend to notice Huckstable's fur (black pug) on my clothes, but he sleeps with us, and my sheets are completely covered in black fur every week. I do notice Daisy's fur (fawn pug) on my clothes - I'm not sure what the difference is . . .


How Much Does a Pug Shed? According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Pug is a small dog with a short, glossy coat that is soft and fine – it should not be wooly or hard. In terms of colors and markings, the two accepted colors for this breed are fawn and black.


Black pugs have a different coat to fawn pugs and this can affect the amount of hair they shed. The pug black coat is strikingly different in that the fawn pug retains the soft undercoat and has a thicker double layer of fur to deal with, while the black pug has just the single layer.


ESSENTIAL TIPS AND TRICKS FOR PUG HAIR MAINTENANCE AND GROOMING. This article covers the bane of the pug owner: Pug Shedding! All pugs shed, but there are ways to manage your pugs shedding so that it does not take over your life and your pug's hair isnt covering all you clothing and furniture!


I have two black pugs. They shed just as much as the fawn pugs. They do have a double coat, it's just a lighter shade of black and it gets EVERYWHERE! Source(s): Have two of the cutest black pugs ever. KhrysT · 1 decade ago . 2. Thumbs up. 0. Thumbs down. Report Abuse. Comment. Add a comment.


Pugs with fawn, silver-fawn, and apricot-fawn fur have double coats: the top coat and the shorter layer beneath it. For this reason, other pugs will shed about twice as much as pugs with black fur. Whether your pug’s coat is single or double, it will be very tightly-packed and moves through the growth cycle at a rapid rate.


Black Pugs do not have the undercoat, so there is nothing to push the longer topcoat out of the way making it easier for you to stay dog-hair free for longer. How Much Do Pugs Shed? Most fawn, red and silver Pugs shed a lot while black Pugs shed very little. Many breeds of dogs only shed in the spring, however, the Pug sheds throughout the year