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I am hoping someone can give me some information about colon resection surgery. How much of the colon can be removed? I see that some people have as little as 2 inches removed while other people can have up to 24 or 30 inches removed. What is the usual amount of colon removed, if there is a usual or normal amount. My


Some of the colon can be removed and you can expect to recover and have little if any noticeable changes. All of the colon can be removed and you would be expected to survive but with significant changes in life style. Somewhere between there you ...


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Moszczynski on how much of your colon can be removed: Colostomy( external bag ) is rarely needed for elective cancer surgery. It is more frequently used if the cancer is located very close to the anus, Also, a temporary colostomy may be used for emergency surgery when cancer is obstructing colon completely and the bowel cannot be cleaned prior to the ...


Colorectal cancer affects about 140,000 people every year, making it the third most common cancer in both men and women. Colorectal cancer is most often treated with surgery to remove the tumor ...


Surgery for colon cancer spread. Some patients have colon cancers that have spread to other parts of the body and also have tumors blocking the colon. In this case, surgery may be done to relieve the blockage without removing the part of the colon containing the cancer.


Is it normal to have 18 inches of your colon removed during colon surgery? This seems like a lot. I'm going over the information I was given and just trying to get it in my head what's going to happen.


Large bowel resection is surgery to remove all or part of your large bowel. This surgery is also called colectomy. The large bowel is also called the large intestine or colon. Removal of the entire colon and the rectum is called a proctocolectomy. Removal of all of the colon but not the rectum is called subtotal colectomy.


A blocked colon is an emergency that may require total or partial colectomy, depending on the situation. Colon cancer. Early-stage cancers may require only a small section of the colon to be removed during colectomy. Cancers at a later stage may require more of the colon to be removed. Crohn's disease.


Have your heard of Colon resection without having colostomy bag Kathy1020. In 1999, I had emergency surgery for a perforated colon. ... If its not then I might be eligible to have my colon removed. The surgeon told me that they would remove most of the colon and attach what is left to the rectum. And that I would not have to have a bag.


Sigmoid Colectomy Sigmoid Colectomy. This is an operation to remove part of the left side of the colon known as the sigmoid colon. It may be performed for patients with a colon cancer, or for certain non-cancerous conditions such as Crohn’s disease, diverticular disease or sometimes as part of surgery performed for rectal prolapse.In most cases the operation can be performed via a ...