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An Easy Bathe walk-in tub is a 3-foot-square bathtub with a front-opening door allowing easy entrance to the bathing area. It features a low threshold and interior seating to making bathing easier for elderly or physically disabled individuals who are unable to bathe in traditional bathtubs, but it


The smallest freestanding tub is 4 feet long, ideal for an adult of average height. Clawfoot tubs, such as the American Bath Factory Jester Claw Foot Bathtub, add a vintage touch to a bathroom. Pedestal tubs, such as the Pelion Acrylic Freestanding Tub, are suited for a modern look.


Removing a bathtub is a relatively simple task, but it will require some heavy lifting and manual labor. The task also requires the assistance of two or more individuals, especially for the part where the bathtub needs to be moved out of the bathroom. The tools that will be needed for this task incl


Seniors who have difficulty balancing their body weight may benefit from a walk-in bathtub. People who have difficulty walking, climbing steps or balancing on one foot to enter a bathtub should also consider a walk-in bathtub.


To replace a bathtub, remove any attachments to the tub, disconnect the drain pipes, and remove the tub from the wall. Install the new tub, and reconnect the pipes.


A bathtub cutout is a process that removes part of the side of the tub to make it easier for a user to step in and out of the bathtub without risking a fall. A new step is set securely in place over the cutout area for a finished look.


To paint a bathtub, use a commercial lime remover to clean the tub, then wet-sand it to deglaze the finish before applying a dedicated tub and tile paint. The process takes about 8 hours, but requires 2 more days for the new finish to cure.


When renovating a bathroom, it's sometimes necessary to replace the tub. Removing a bathtub involves several steps. Tubs are heavy, so enlist the aid of a helper before beginning the job. This can be a time-consuming project,


Bathtubs can be painted, but it is important to prepare the old surface properly, apply a primer, and use an acrylic polymer paint or epoxy specifically designed for bathtubs. The new paint does not adhere properly if the existing surface is not thoroughly cleaned and sanded.


The process of installing a new bathtub involves removing the existing tub; moving the new tub into place before connecting the supports, drain and water supply; securing the tub in place; and installing the finish. Replacing an existing tub is a labor-intensive process, and an assistant can be bene