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My answer = Trumpet #0 I do not believe that any of the 7 Trumpets of Revelation have blown yet because the events described in each of them, starting with the 1st Trumpet, are of such great magnitude that it would be impossible for a Bible Student to miss.


Trumpet 5 will commence in chronological order when the first 4 Trumpets have been completed. We expect this to take place during the early reign of pope Francis I, Revelation Seventeen's 8th "king." The Scriptures define “the bottomless pit” as the prison house for the fallen angels:


The Bible indicates in Revelation that seven trumpets will sound before the end of the age and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Five of the seven have already sounded as evidenced by critical moments in recent history, and a third world war, which is the triggering event of the sixth trumpet, may have already begun.


Im pretty sure seals have oppened but how many? and what of the trumpets? If most of what revelations says is "symbolic" than what of God's Judgment? How can we see what these signs are? Has any of this happened already? Has NONE of it happened yet? What of the first 3 trumpets? Are those Symbolic or Literal? When John describes the Locusts,are these evil men deceiving us or Demons f...


Question: "Are the sky trumpets people have been reporting signs of the end times?" Answer: Strange sounds in the sky, which some call “sky trumpets” or “sky quakes,” have been reported from around the world in recent years. People in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Russia, the Czech Republic, Australia, and other places have ...


ISIS in Bible Prophecy: The 6th Trumpet has been Blown - Revelation 9:13-21 ... Six Trumpets Have Been Blown! ... 5th Trumpet Kuwait 2/8/1990 Gulf War 2 August 1990 -- 28 February 1991 Iraq War 20 ...


In the Book of Revelation, seven trumpets are sounded, one at a time, to cue apocalyptic events seen by John of Patmos [non-primary source needed] in his vision. The seven trumpets are sounded by seven angels and the events that follow are described in detail from Revelation Chapters 8 to 11. According to Revelation 8:1-2, the angels sound these trumpets after the breaking of the seventh seal.


In Revelation we have seven trumpets blown consecutively, not all together. And when the seventh trumpet blows, in chapter 11, we see the inner door into the Most Holy of Heaven opened and we see the ark, while the 24 elders declare that the time of judgment has come.


Also notice in 1 Thes. 4:16 Paul called this the trumpet call of God. The trumpets blown during the Feast of Trumpets are all blown by men on Earth and concern Israel, not the Church. The ones blown during the trumpet judgments of Rev. 8:6-9:20, and Rev. 11:16 are blown by angels in heaven, not on earth.