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Tollguru™ is the only FREE Trip Calculator app that calculates tolls and gas costs for all USA, Canada, México & India toll roads, turnpikes, tollways, bridges, and tunnels. Find your cheapest route on Google map and save money!


Can I use the toll calculator as a trip planner? Although we do try to map the shortest routes, this tool is intended to calculate the tolls between two points. The calculator will always assume you are taking a toll road when you enter two addresses. Why aren't tolls for the 290/Manor Expressway shown in my results?


View your trip route and the location of each toll plaza on the map. HINT: Smartphone users can click HIDE MENU to view the toll locations on the map. Select PAY UNPAID TOLLS ONLINE * Please note: Trip routes generated using the Illinois Tollway Trip Calculator are programmed to designate the Illinois Tollway (roadways) as the primary route.


This is a good tool in guessing how much money did take up for tolls before a trip. Not always accurate but it is close. I must've missed the part where the app is auto renewed each quarter. I was just intending to try it I did it was not going to renew it but was surprised when I saw another charge on my credit card thank you very much.


I have never traveled to different U.S. states before. I do know I will have to drive on many toll highways or roads.I’ll be going from Florida to New York and back. I do not know how much the toll roads will cost me or if I should bring change or bills. I want to be prepared in advance and have no surprises.


Now you can easily and quickly calculate tolls costs for any route across North America through the Tollsmart Toll Calculator apps for iPhone & Android and web.. Tollsmart is the only app that calculates tolls costs across all tunnels, bridges and toll roads in the the US, Canada & Mexico and supports all vehicles from motorcycles to passenger cars and RVs to trucks and semis up to 9-axles...


Readjust your route. If you find that the toll costs are putting a damper on your travel plans, consult other websites such as MapQuest.com and other trip planners. They may be able to give you alternative routes that will cut down on how many tolls you have to pay to get to your destination. Bring a little extra.


Show distances, travel time, and toll booths for each route on the map. 7. Support all kinds of vehicles including trucks and trailer, bus, RV, motorcycle, and car. 8. Option to calculate route from current location using GPS. 9. Send the route information to Google map app for navigation.


pay unpaid tolls online If desired, you can add and delete toll plazas before you confirm your final payment at the end of this process. The I-PASS trip calculator is temporarily under construction as we are making changes that will continue to improve overall customer service.


Calculate total trip cost for your next road journey. We provide total trip charges for car, bus, truck, jeep, van or lcvs. Just provide your start and desyination city name, mileage of your car, truck and we will calculate total charges for your journey which includes toll charges and fuel cost.