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Octopus species that produce larger eggs – including the southern blue-ringed, Caribbean reef, California two-spot, Eledone moschata and deep sea octopuses – do not have a paralarval stage, but hatch as benthic animals similar to the adults.: 74–75


Ask anyone how many arms an octopus has and the usual answer will be eight. But scientists now insist these nautical animals only have six. In a new study they found that the creatures used six of ...


Surprisingly, an octopus has neither legs nor tentacles. It has arms, which have suction cups on the underside. Most people think they have tentacles, but common octopuses do not.


By this standard, most octopuses have eight arms and no tentacles, while two other cephalopods, cuttlefish and squids, have eight arms and two tentacles. All vertebrate animals have one heart, but the octopus is equipped with three: one that pumps blood through the cephalopod's body (including the arms), and two that pump blood through the ...


Best Answer: Octupuses don't actually have any tentacles, but they do have 8 arms. On the male octopus, one of these arms is modified and is known as the hectocoylus. In the 7-armed octopus, the reproductive organ is reduced, and gives the appearance of the octopus only having 7 arms.


Many people refer to octopus limbs as tentacles, but technically, octopuses don't have any tentacles at all! Instead, they have arms. When you're talking about cephalopods, tentacles tend to be much longer than arms and only have suckers at their "clubbed" ends, whereas arms are shorter, stronger, and suckered all the way down.


Many octopus arm anomalies have been recorded, including a 6-armed octopus (nicknamed Henry the Hexapus), a 7-armed octopus, a 10-armed Octopus briareus, one with a forked arm tip, octopuses with double or bilateral hectocotylization, and specimens with up to 96 arm branches.


How many arms does an octopus have? The answer is six: the other two are legs. Simon de Bruxelles. ... Until now it had been believed that the tentacles were deployed in two equal sets, one set of ...


Ten Curious Facts About Octopuses Octopuses, an inspiration for monsters throughout history, get a fresh look through a new book that dives deep into the creatures’ mysterious lives


8 arms, 2 tentacles. Tentacles are different from arms in that they are longer and have a large “pad” at the end. Arms also have suckers along the entire length of the ventral side, whereas tentacles only have suckers on the pads.