A hexagon has six sides. A hexagon is a polygon, meaning a flat shape with straight sides. The word comes from the Greek words "hex," meaning six, and "gonia," meaning angle. More »

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Hexagons are six-sided polygons. The root word hexa means six, indicating the hexagon's characteristic six sides, which sets it apart from other polygons. More »

A regular hexagon with six equal sides has six lines of symmetry. For all regular polygons, the number of lines of symmetry is equal to the number of sides. More »

To find the area of a hexagon, calculate the areas of regular polygons within the hexagon. Add all the areas together to arrive at the total area inside the hexagon. More »

Some other shapes besides circles that also can have radii are regular polygons like a pentagon or hexagon. The definition of the radius for a regular polygon is that it is the distance from the center point of the polyg... More »

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The perimeter of an object is the measurement of the sides of the object. Measuring the perimeter of a square or rectangle is easy, but measuring the perimeter of a cube is slightly more difficult. With a simple measurem... More »

A scalene triangle has no parallel sides and no equal angles. The three noncongruent sides of a scalene triangle are of different lengths, and the measurements of the three unequal angles inside the triangle, like those ... More »