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3- 5 per acre per year. Average production of hay is 2- 3 tons per growing season in the U.S. midwest. Average weight of a round bale is 1200 pounds or 0.6 tons.


The 2 adjacent properties are also costal and look to yield a lot of hay. They have hundreds of round bales sitting out in pasture and many more stacked up near the corrals. I just assumed they was an abundance of it due to their overstocking. They both run cattle and are up to their eyeballs in calves right now.


Re: round bales per acre? in reply to Tom from Ontario, 03-16-2010 12:12:10 Dave, If the lot is truly a one acre lot and surround by woods, count on about 1900-2200kgs without any fert, if the soil is good, horse manure, no sheep that gaze it in spring and no Urea.


How many bales per acre do you like to get ? With our old pasture grass I like to get between 6 and 8 much more than that and the quality is not so good


there is a big difference between north and south or in-between. my land in KS gets about 5-7 round bales in one cutting (i'm lucky) per acre with no fertilizer. my cousin in AR gets two cuttings a year and around 10-12 ( don't know his fertilizing)per acre.


The total number of bales of hay that can be harvested per acre varies from place to place, although a typical hay farm in western Oregon may produce between 62 and 165 bales per acre. In Florida, the average yield for each cutting ranges from 60 to 80 bales per acre.


Hay yields in dry tons per acre can be calculated for a given field if you know: 1) Acreage of the field 2) Number of bales per harvest 3) Average weight of the bales in each harvest. Each component of the equation can be determined for each harvest or cutting. Representative small bales can be individually weighed on a farm feed scale or a


Bales Per Acre - posted in Alfalfa/Hay: Hey there. I was wondering on how many round bales of alfalfa do you get per acre, per cut, on irrigated and non irrigated land. I know that there is a lot of variables but I hope some one could give me a ruff estimate. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


How Many Bales of Hay Are in an Acre? According to Oregon State University Extension Service, an acre may yield between 65 to 165 small bales of hay per cutting, with up to three cuttings per year. The yield depends on location, fertilization, plant species, plant age, moisture content and how tightly the bales are packed.


I have a 100 acre hay farm in lower michigan close to the Indiana state line. My hay is mostly alfalfa with a small amount of grass. This year I averaged 90 bales @ 60 lbs each (per acre) for 1st cutting, 86 bales @ 62 lbs each (per acre) for 2nd cutting.