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The total number of bales of hay that can be harvested per acre varies from place to place, although a typical hay farm in western Oregon may produce between 62 and 165 bales per acre. In Florida, the average yield for each cutting ranges from 60 to 80 bales per acre.


Here if you lime and manure, you get about 4000 lbs of hay per acre if you do one late cut. About 5000 lbs an acre total of better quality hay if two cuts. We have a lot of rain fall. Can't get the second cut many years due to rain pushing first cut back or preventing second cut. ... round bales per acre? in reply to Jason, NW Ontario, 03-16 ...


Re: Round bales per acre ??? Post by bigbull338 » Sat Feb 02, 2008 6:16 pm no if everything is right you should get 3 big 1500lbs or a tad more.even at that your looking at $60 a bale including baling fertalizer cost of hay an hauling to the farm.


How many large round bails of hay per acre? 80.5. How many square bails Of straw can you get off an acre? about 30-50 depending on weather , ferterlizer and soil prep. ... if the roll is large ...


The amount of Hay Bales that you yield from one acre is dependant on many variables. This includes the rate per acre it was seeded at, the ratio of grass to alfalfa used, and the size of the bale.


I had hay cut and baled last week on a ten plus acre field. 28 rolls of hay 5 x 6 were made. Have the fertilizer scheduled for Friday of this week to see if we can get a second cutting on the field this year. My wife pushed the pencil on these rolls of hay and it really scared me, we have about $67 per roll in each of them.


We do large round bales of haylage, hay and or silage and would want to be averaging 10 bales to the acre to justify the costs of fertiliser, and contractors to spread it and then cut, turn, bale and in the case of haylage wrap and then of course you have the cost of drawing it in and stacking it in the yard.


In one Bahia field I have $72 dollars per roll in fertilize alone. Fertilized and no rain, one roll per acre. I can not afford to sell hay and expect to break even at that cost. My cows will be eating the expensive stuff. I helped a friend haul hay last week. He bought 350 of this years rolls, barn stored for $25.


between 10 and 14%. Hay treated with preservatives may be harvested at 20-30+ % moisture. This hay may reach an equilibrium at a higher moisture level dependent upon the rate of preservative applied and storage conditions. As an example of hay dryness, an "as is" yield of 4.0 tons per acre is equal to 3.4 "dry" tons per acre when the moisture ...


I have a 100 acre hay farm in lower michigan close to the Indiana state line. My hay is mostly alfalfa with a small amount of grass. This year I averaged 90 bales @ 60 lbs each (per acre) for 1st cutting, 86 bales @ 62 lbs each (per acre) for 2nd cutting.