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If your dog is expecting, you're eager to know how many puppies will arrive. Your vet can give you an almost definitive answer about six weeks into your dog's approximately eight-week gestation. You can "guesstimate" the number of puppies beforehand by considering various factors, including your dog ...


It’s difficult to estimate what size litter you will get if you have a mixed breed dog. It will depend on the dogs in your dog’s ancestry, for one thing. If your dog is part Labrador and part German Shepherd, and mates with another dog that tends to have larger litters, you can probably expect to have a lot of puppies.


When guessing how many puppies a dog may have, look at her size. If she's a massive Bernese mountain dog, her litter may include up to 20 youngsters, the Humane Society of Utah says. If she's a diminutive Lhasa apso, however, the number is likely to be drastically lower -- anywhere from three to eight pups at once.


By: Erika Raines El Segundo, CA Replied on 04/19/2011. The average litter of puppies is around 6. The average number can vary with the breed of dog and size of the dog. Some dogs can have as few as one puppy in a single litter while others may have as many as 15 puppies at a time.


How to Help Your Dog Whelp or Deliver Puppies. When labor begins, a dog's instincts will almost always take over -- you shouldn't have to intervene at all. Nonetheless, if your dog is pregnant, you should know what to expect during labor...


If you have a pregnant pooch, you have probably started wondering how many puppies will be popping out in a few months. After all, you have to start getting ready for all those adorable pups and buying supplies, so it is important to know whether to expect.


Many dogs are able to whelp without any help from people, but a vet needs to be contacted as soon as possible if the mother has been straining for an hour without a puppy showing. It could be lodged in the birth canal. It is most likely dead and all of the other puppies will soon be as well unless the dog is taken to a vet.


How Many Puppies Can a Maltese Dog Have?. Do you have a Maltese dog? If you are unsure of the number of offspring that it can have, keep reading, especially if your beloved pet is...


As many as will kill her. Dogs can have far more than are natural or sensible, thanks to humans meddling with dog genes when making dogs out of natural animals. No animal in the wild would have 16 puppies, with only the 8 nipples, or come in season many time a year regardless of the weather.


You need to put a lot of thought into this before going ahead with the idea. If you're thinking of selling your dog's pups or if your dog is already pregnant, you must have wondered how many puppies can a Labrador have. Or, how many dogs you'll have to take care of! Keep reading to find out.