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There are about 16.9 U.S. fluid ounces and about 17.6 imperial fluid ounces in 0.5 liters. When discussing liquid capacity, the word ounce refers to fluid ounces. There are other units that measure mass simply called ounces.


There are 33.81 ounces in a liter, but on most containers it is rounded off to an even 32 ounces. A liter is actually a metric measurement, but is commonly used in the United States for measuring liquids.


There are 33.82 ounces of water in 1 liter. One fluid ounce is 29.57 milliliters. In this particular case, the number of fluid ounces equals the number of avoirdupois ounces.


There are 33.814 fluid ounces in one liter of water. A fluid ounce is an imperial measurement, whereas a liter is a metric measurement of liquids. A liter of water weighs one kilogram.


A standard 2-liter bottle contains 67.6 fluid ounces of liquid. Assuming that you’re using 8-ounce cups, you’ll have 8.45 glasses of whatever liquid is in the 2-liter bottle. Although 2 liters are commonly associated with storing soda, they’re also used to house other liquids like juice and seltzer


Sixteen fluid ounces of liquid is equal to 0.47318 liters. In other words, when rounded off to tenths, 16 ounces is equal to about 0.5 liter.


Conversion of ounces to liters depends on which unit of ounce is being referred to. A half liter of liquid is equivalent to 17.5975 fluid ounces or 16.907 U.S. ounces.


According to the University of North Carolina, there are 33.8140226 fluid ounces in one standard liter. Frequently rounded to 33.81 fluid ounces, the number represents a volume measurement for liquids. Fluid ounces and liters are both liquid volume measurements.


Converting liters to fluid ounces is a simple process. Multiply the liters value by 33.814. Next, round the answer to the nearest hundredth decimal place and label the final answer.


Sixty-four fluid ounces is equivalent to 1.8927 liters. Each liter is equal to 33.814 ounces, so 64/33.814 = 5.41. The easiest way to complete unit conversions is to use an online conversion calculator, which allows users to input numbers and choose units for conversion to receive an answer.