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Skirts were the matter-of-fact wear of many of humanity's most ancient civilizations, on both sides of the gender divide. Gauzy wraps and loincloths for Egyptians, togas denoting class and status ...


My husband is what some would term a “crossdresser” and it was actually my idea initially for one party outing and its grown from there. I can confirm that since wearing skirts, panties and stockings, he is a calmer and happier individual and take...


'Are YOU man enough to wear a skirt?' Sold-out camouflage KILT is put to the test as men wear it to zipline, parachute and shoot guns. e-mail; 1.3k. shares. Most watched News videos.


I've been wearing skirts for many years. Lately I've tried to wear pants for the occasional times I have to be on a ladder, etc. but can't wait to get my skirt back on. It's just so much more comfortable. I get cold easily, so I wear loose cotton leggings under the skirt in the spring and fall.


Men originally wore skirts and skirt like garments, and in most of the world men still wear them. I believe that if women can wear whatever they want to so can men. Women wear pants and other articles of clothing that are considered for men and nobody says anything about it.


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It seems that many men are rediscovering the comfort and practicality of the skirt. (Men's skirts are often referred to as kilts, sarongs or pareos for those who are fearful to associate the word "skirt" with men. - Get over it, it's just a word).


Why is it still shocking for a man to wear a skirt? November 8, ... Here, even gay men don’t wear skirts, except crossdressers. I hope, and I will pursuit it, this may not takes long to change and skirtmen may be accepted as just another way to dress. ... InsideMAN is committed to pioneering conversations about men, manhood and masculinity ...


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I grew up wearing nothing but jeans. Any time I had to wear a skirt or a dress I was not a happy person. This continued until I joined the Peace Corps and had to do all my laundry by hand. Ha ha ha ha, no. Washing jeans by hand is quite possibly t...