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This is a list of lakes of Minnesota.Although promoted as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," Minnesota has 11,842 lakes of 10 acres or more. The 1968 state survey found 15,291 lake basins, of which 3,257 were dry. If all basins over 2.5 acres were counted, Minnesota would have 21,871 lakes. The prevalence of lakes has generated many repeat names.


How Many Lakes Does Minnesota Actually Have? ... On top of the lakes, there are another 6,500 miles of rivers and streams. Thanks to all of the lakes and waterways in the state, one of its prime money sources is tourism and fishing. The lakes are well known for their high fish population. It is one of the best states to fish for walleye, pike ...


From gorgeous, sandy beaches to beautiful bays there are many factors we Minnesotans consider when ranking our favorite lakes, but none are probably as important as simple clarity. It comes down to a simple truth, that no matter the surroundings we will always favor the lakes in northern MN that have crystal clear, stunning water.


Minnesota is known for its over 11,000 lakes, but many don’t give due credit to the 69,200 miles of phenomenally beautiful rivers. All across the state, canoeing, rafting, and boating on MN’s rivers are a favorite pastime and as they are usually less crowded than many of the lakes, a local secret.


The state's nickname, "Land of 10,000 Lakes", is apt, as there are 11,842 Minnesota lakes over 10 acres (4 ha) in size. Minnesota's portion of Lake Superior is the largest at 962,700 acres (389,600 ha; 3,896 km 2) and deepest (at 1,290 ft (390 m)) body of water in the state.


"Minnesota's... over 15,000 lakes in the state [were often] formed during the last Ice Age--when glaciers moved back and forth across most of Minnesota. In places, particularly those near ice margins where a lot of sediment was being deposited, large fragments of ic...


In fact, there are a whopping 11,842 lakes in the state, in addition to over 6,500 natural rivers. There are so many lakes in Minnesota that the choices are endless. Plus, it is hard to know which ones really stand out amongst the rest. Here is a list of the 15 best lakes in Minnesota: 1. Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis


Rumor has it that Wisconsin has more lakes than Minnesota. After extensive fact checking, I was disappointed to learn that this is indeed true – by several thousand or so. But, there’s a reason Minnesota is the land of lakes, and Wisconsin is, well, not.


Lake Superior (20,364,800 acres total with 962,700 acres in Minnesota) Lake of the Woods (950,400 acres total with 307,010 acres in Minnesota) Longest shoreline: Lake Vermilion, St. Louis County (290 miles of shoreline) Minnesota River length: 370 miles. Mississippi River length in Minnesota:


An interesting, yet somewhat confusing, answer to the question on which State has the most lakes in the U.S. An interesting look at the amount of lakes each state reports. I thought it would be interesting to see how many lakes there are in each state.