While keyboard standards are different around the world, the U.S. standard is 101 keys. Additional keys, such as the Windows key, may be added for special operating system functions. More »

The Encyclopedia Britannica states that the standard number of keys on a modern piano is 88. A piano with that number of keys has a compass, or range of notes, of seven complete octaves plus a few keys. More »

A full-sized piano has 88 keys; 52 white and 36 black that span seven octaves. Originally, pianos were modified harpsichords and had 60 keys that mimicked its predecessor's five octaves. More »

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A computer keyboard allows an operator to give commands to the computer in a simple way by pressing keys. The keys on a keyboard are typically labeled with their input function, ranging from letters of the alphabet to nu... More »

Troubleshoot keyboard problems by checking underneath the keys for crumbs or other types of debris, checking the computer's drivers to ensure they are up-to-date, testing the keyboard with different programs, and restart... More »

An ASCII rose can most easily be created using regular keyboard keys by typing "@}-,-'--." This rose can be varied by typing additional commas and apostrophes or by using more dashes to make its stem longer. More »

Useful keyboard shortcuts for computers that run on Windows 7 or newer versions include the combination of C, X and V keys with Control to copy, cut and paste different types of content, respectively, and the combination... More »

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