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The Keys were originally inhabited by the Calusa and Tequesta tribes, and were charted by Juan Ponce de León in 1513. De León named the islands Los Martires ("The Martyrs"), as they looked like suffering men from a distance. " Key" is derived from the Spanish word cayo, meaning small island.For many years, Key West was the largest town in Florida, and it grew prosperous on wrec...


Because there are so many islands within the Florida Keys they are often divided into several different groups. These groups are the Upper Keys, the Middle Keys, the Lower Keys, and the Outlying Islands. The Upper Keys are those located the farthest north and closest to Florida's mainland and the groups extend out from there.


While there are 47 bridges connecting the Keys on the Over Seas Highway, And dozens of smaller bridges connecting smaller Islands from side streets there are also Many more times that that are not connected by bridges. Here is where the impossibility comes in. Many Keys have little or no dry land under them.


There are many miles between the Florida Keys and that location of Miami, Florida. It is a bit farther than Titusville, but not as far as Jacksonville. It is accurately about 169.55243 miles away.


Approximately 1,700 islands make up the Florida Keys. This archipelago extends over 198 square miles from the Soldier Keys to the Dry Tortugas. The Florida Keys begin in Biscayne Bay and stretch southwest before ending at Dry Tortuga. There are 42 bridges that connect these different keys.


There are an estimated 1,000 shipwrecks off the Florida Keys. Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. There are an estimated 1,000 shipwrecks off the Florida Keys. S hipwrecks lie scattered along the treacherous coral reefs and buried in the sandy shallows a few miles off the Florida Keys. Many of these wrecks have tales to tell.


U.S. Highway 1 (US 1) in Florida runs 545 miles (877 km) along the state's east coast– from Key West to its crossing of the St. Marys River into Georgia north of Boulogne –and south of Folkston.US 1 was designated through Florida when the United States Numbered Highway System was established in 1926. The road is maintained by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).


Teeming with activities for visitors of all ages and interests, the islands of the Florida Keys make for a classic Florida vacation. The destinations Key Largo, Islamorada and, of course, Key West. Plus dozens of Keys in between. Your time in the Florida Keys can be as action-packed or as relaxed as ...


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We decided to take a day trip down to the southernmost point in mainland United States, Key West. The drive takes you along Highway 1 Overseas Highway and passes through some 40+ islands before ...