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A computer keyboard is a device used to provide alphanumeric input. Typical keyboards are attached to a computer via USB port or wireless signal. Other types of devices utilize on-screen keyboards.


A keyboard allows the user of a computer to input alphanumeric information and commands directly. Physical keyboards are most commonly operated by the user's hands while on-screen keyboards may be operated by voice, a mouse or other peripheral devices.


A piano consists of a panel of keys called a keyboard, which is made up of several buttons, such as A and D, that create different musical notes. Each note is given a letter to represent its place on the musical scale and is able to create different tones.


To clean a keyboard, turn off the computer, disconnect the keyboard, turn it upside down to remove dust, use a clean piece of cloth to wipe the particles, and then reconnect the keyboard to the computer. Use a slightly damp piece of cloth to avoid dripping water into the keyboard.


Default settings allow you to paste text or images using your keyboard by pressing the Ctrl key and the V key at the same time with the desired text field selected. Alternatively, the Shift key and Insert works on most systems.


Surface keyboards are a line of computer keyboards designed to work with Microsoft Surface laptop-tablet hybrid devices. Surface keyboards clip onto a Microsoft Surface and double up as protective screen covers when a Microsoft Surface is not in use.


The function of keyboard keys may be customized and reassigned using software such as the IntelliType Pro. Versions of IntelliType are available for both Windows and Mac. For the Windows 8 version, IntelliType has been replaced with the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center as of 2015.


While keyboard standards are different around the world, the U.S. standard is 101 keys. Additional keys, such as the Windows key, may be added for special operating system functions.


The computer keyboard is important because it is the most effective input tool for letters and characters. Computer keyboards are analogous to the keys on a typewriter. Even if the technology has the ability to create letters and symbols, the keys are necessary to tell it which ones to create.


The method to copy using a keyboard varies based on the computer's operating system. To copy using a keyboard on a Windows computer, highlight the text. Press the Control (Ctrl) and C keys simultaneously on your keyboard to copy the highlighted text. To paste the copied material, press Ctrl and V si