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Around 49.6 percent of the world's population is female, with a total female population of 3,710,295,643. There are 101 men for every 100 women across the globe. At birth, men outnumber women 107 to 100, but male life span is shorter. Nearly 1.28 billion of the world's female population lives in two countries, China and India.


Approximately 22% of the world’s population are children below the age of 18. If you define “girl” as a female child, about 11% of the world’s population are female children. We’re at about 7.5 billion people in the world right now (in 2017), so there are around 818 million female children in the world.


Population, female (% of total) World Bank staff estimates based on age/sex distributions of United Nations Population Division's World Population Prospects: 2017 Revision. License : CC BY-4.0


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There are about 3.5 billion girls and women in the world.


Over time, males die quicker than females, so their numbers decrease faster (which is why there are lots and lots of old, old women, but few old, old men). So, when you look at all living people, the worldwide ratio is 101 males for every female or (50.2% males, 49.8% females).


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Are there more men or more women in the world? Read more. What are the most widely used contraceptive methods across the world? Read more. Will there be too many humans on Earth one day? Read more. The world population is over 7 billion. According to the United Nations, this figure was reached on October 31 in 2011. But can we be sure?


How Many Boys Are in the World? The sex ratio is 107 males to 100 females, based on an estimated population of 7.17 billion people as of July 2014. Therefore, there are about 3.7 billion males in the world, and about 9.56 million of them are ages 14 and under.


How many people are there in the world? World population has reached 7.5 billion. World population live counter with data sheets, graphs, maps, and census data regarding the current, historical, and future world population figures, estimates, growth rates, densities and demographics.