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1 US Fluid Gallon = 3.785411784 Liters 1 US Dry Gallon = 4.4048838 Liters 1 Imperial Gallon = 4.54609 Liters. If you would like to get more information about gallons and liters and access the tables please check how many liters in a gallon page. How to convert gallons to liters? There are 3.785411784 liters in a US fluid gallon.


How many gallons of water are in my pool? - In order to figure out the proper doses of chemicals for your pool, you need to determine how many gallons of water it holds. To do that, you need to use a ruler to measure your pool to find out these four different numbers; Length, Width, Average depth and a multiplier that determines gallons.


For example, to find out how many gallons there are in a cubic foot and a half, as a formula to convert from cubic feet to gallons, multiply the cubic foot value by the conversion factor (7.48 for US fluid gallons), that makes 1.5 ft3 * 7.48 = 11.22 gallons in 1.5 cubic feet.


How many gallons in a liter? The volume units' conversion factor of liters to gallon is 0.264172051. 1 Liter = 0.264172051 Gallon (Fluid, US) 1 Liter = 0.219969248 Gallon (UK) There are 0.264172051 US fluid gallons in one liter and 0.219969248 imperial gallons in one liter.


How Many Liters Are in a Gallon? There are 3.79 liters in a U.S. gallon. In the British Imperial system of measurement, which is more prevalent in Canada and the U.K., there are 4.54 liters in a gallon.


How many gallons in a cubic foot? The volume units' conversion factor of cubic feet to gallons varies depending on the standard used in the conversion. 1 Cubic Foot = 7.48051948 Gallons (Fluid, US) 1 Cubic Foot = 6.42851159 Gallons (Dry, US) 1 Cubic Foot = 6.22883545 Gallons (UK) This means that there are 7.48051948 Gallons in one cubic foot.


How Many Ounces are there in a Gallon depends upon which system we are operating as well as where are you in the world.Because of different countries have adopted different standards units to measure the mass & Volume. How Many Ounces are in a Gallon?


How to Calculate How Many Gallons in a Tank By Jacob Reis | Updated August 11, 2017. Dallas Powell/iStock/Getty Images. Knowing how much water your home aquarium holds is critical for the health of your fish. Some chemicals require a certain number of drops per gallon, and estimating wrong can harm your pets.


Converting From Gallons To Ounces. posted by Alastair:. Hi Kelly. The answer to your question of how many ounces (oz) there are in a gallon of water depends on where in the world you are. You see, the US liquid gallon measures less (3.785 liters) than the UK imperial gallon (4.546 litres).


Converting US Gallons and Liters. Some commonly asked questions are included below, as well as a reference chart. When making manual conversions, you can use the converter at the top of this page to check your answer. How many Liters are there in 1 US Gallon? There are 3.785411784 Liters in 1 US Gallon.