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AT&T Inc. is a multinational telecommunications company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Alongside Verizon Communications, it is one of the largest telecommunications operators in the United States.


How many people work for the nation’s Tier 1 wireless carriers? That’s the simple question this report aims to answer. The data below are derived from Securities and Exchange Commission ...


Based on recorded statements ATT is currently employing 262K people. This is 1644.4% higher than that of the Communication Services sector, and 422.38% higher than that of Telecom Services industry, The Number of Employees for all stocks is 1290.61% lower than the firm.


The interview with the manager is the good part. You pretty much have the job, if the manager likes you and thinks you will help the store. He asked my availability, asked what I could bring to the store, and things like that. 2 days after the interview I got a call from the local HR department and was offered the job. All in all it took me about a week and a half.


As part of our constant attempt to keep this site fresh, we've updated our data with recently released last name information from the 2000 Census. In many cases the number of people with a particular name changed significantly, but the new data is more recent, more precise, and includes almost twice as many last names. Read more here.


Here you can see the number of AT&T employees each year from 2007 to 2018. In 2018, AT&T had around 268.22 thousand employees. The AT&T Inc. company is a multinational telecommunications ...


AT&T offers also services in many locations throughout the Asia Pacific; its regional headquarters is located in Hong Kong. The company is also active in Mexico, and it was announced on November 7, 2014, that Mexican carrier Iusacell is being acquired by AT&T. The acquisition was approved in January 2015.


How many AT&T Next Lines can I have on my account? I have ben told by the store employees that I can add a fifth lines after 3 months, but when I went in after three months, I was told I have to wait 6 months. This is crazy and not what I was told when I ported my lines over. If I knew I couldn't get a fifth line, I would have gone to Verizon.


How many people here are AT&T Employees? I was just curious to see how many people that work (or have previously worked) for AT&T are here posting on these forums. What are some of your favorite experiences with your customers?


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