In late 2014, Apple had 98,000 total employees worldwide. Of those, 66,000 employees were based in the United States and 16,000 were based in Europe. More »

Apple Inc. employs 115,000 employees worldwide, with most being in the U.S. Many other jobs are attributable to Apple, including 627,000 created to support the iOS ecosystem. The company has 478 retail locations worldwid... More »

Apple's world corporate headquarters are located at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA, 95014. Apple's headquarters is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley in California, which is known as home to many of world's large... More »

Depending on the particular industry segment, Apple's competitors include Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. As Google is the developer of the Android software, however, they are also a major competitor of Apple in ... More »

Register for Apple classes online at Click the Store link located on the top left of the home page. Next, click the Learn link located near the top right of the Apple Store Web page. More » Business & Finance Corporations

Apple began selling its stock with its initial public offering on Dec. 12, 1980 when it made 4.6 million shares available to the public. At this time, the stock was valued at $22 per share, although this IPO price has si... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Apple releases earnings reports on a quarterly basis, according to the investor relations section of the official website, as of 2015. The quarterly reports, along with 10-K annual reports, are available for viewing and ... More » Business & Finance Corporations