A cube has eight corners. The corners of a cube are called vertices. The vertices are points where two adjacent sides of a cube meet. More »

A cuboid, or right-angled prism, has eight corners. It is box-shaped with six flat rectangular sides that face each other and are connected at right angles. More »

A cube has six sides, which are also called faces. There are four faces on the sides of the cube, and the top and bottom each have one face. An example of a cube is a standard die with sides numbered from one to six. More »

To keep an ice cube from melting, the ultimate goal is to keep as much of the ice cube as possible at 32 F for as long as possible. This can be done by insulating the ice cube or by trying to reflect heat away from the i... More »

The easiest way to solve a standard Rubik's cube is to follow seven basic steps: know your cube, solve the white cross, solve the white corners, solve the middle layer, solve the top layer, position the yellow corners co... More »

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One summary problem is, "What geometric shapes do each of these solids [a rectangular pyramid and a cylinder with a cylindrical hole going through it] contain?" A possible answer is, "The solids contain lines, segments, ... More »

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The "Workbook/Studyguide, Vol. 2: To Accompany Destinos, Lecciones 27-52, 2nd Edition (Spanish Edition) (Paperback)" has an answer key for Destinos worksheets. As of 2014, you can also take quizzes online about the Desti... More »