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It is important to define the word "city" before beginning to answer how many there are. The United Nations has contradictory definitions in its reports. A report compiled from World Atlas calculated that there were 4,416 cities in the world with a population of over 15...


According to a study of the United States census completed for Walk Score, approximately 20,000 cities or metropolitan areas are located in the United States. New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are the three largest cities in the country.


As of 2014, there are 219 official and de facto capital cities in 195 countries. Twelve countries have more than one capital city. The island country of Nauru has no official capital city; instead the government offices are located in the Yaren District.


As of July 2015, the U.S. Department of State recognizes a total of 195 independent states worldwide, although many other countries consider Taiwan the 196th country. The U.S. government stopped recognizing Taiwan as a nation independent of China in 1979.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2010 there are 19,540 "incorporated places" in the United States. Incorporated places include areas labeled as cities, towns and municipalities.


As of July 2011, California had 482 incorporated cities, with 121 charter cities and 361 general law cities. Three counties lack any incorporated areas whatsoever, including Alpine, Mariposa and Trinity counties. Of the 482 cities, 439 gained population in 2014.


According to a report from Ward's Auto, the number of cars worldwide reached approximately 1.015 billion as of 2010, notes Daniel Tencer for The Huffington Post. This number incited a lively debate on what the drastic increase in number of vehicles means for the world's...