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I recall someone suggesting to me one time that Adam and Eve had a total or twenty of so children, and that this came from some Jewish writings. Is there any indication, then, from history regarding how many children they had? It seems they would have likely had at least seven, as Cain, Abel and Seth are named.


QUEEN Victoria’s reign was from 1837 until her death in January 1901. The monarch was happily married to Prince Albert and they had many children together. We explain how many there were and ...


How Many Children Did King David Have in the Bible? The Bible names 19 sons and one daughter belonging to King David, who had at least seven wives and many concubines. It is unknown exactly how many children King David fathered.


The true story of the iconic Queen Victoria and her relationships with her children, including what she was really like as a mother, and how she became one of England's most controversial parents.


How Many Children Does Queen Elizabeth Have? Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has four children: Charles, Anne, Edward and Andrew. As the oldest, Charles is the heir apparent.


How Many Children Did Hannah Have? There are a few ways to answer that question, but probably what most people want to know is how many children did Hannah eventually bare by the end of her life.


Like any large family, Bob Marley's children have gone on to a wide variety of pursuits in their adult lives. Some, like Marley's first son Ziggy, have followed in their father's footsteps. Others have stayed out of the spotlight or chosen other ways to honor their father's legacy.


Did Adam and Eve have other children? The answer is yes since Genesis 4:17 reveals that Cain married a woman after killing his brother Abel. There is a previous question titled, “Where did Cain’s wife come from?” that talks about the children of Adam and Eve. There, we know that Adam and Eve had at least three sons and one daughter.


Many scholars understand this as the first animal sacrifice, foreshadowing the eventual death of Christ on the cross for the sins of the world. Putting these facts together, it would seem that Adam and Eve were saved and did indeed go to heaven / paradise when they died. How many children did Adam and Eve have?


Did Mary have any children other than Jesus? If so, how can she be the eternal virgin? Mary had four other sons, Joseph, James, Jude, and Simon. Because of the virgin birth, Joseph was not the father of Jesus so these were the half brothers of Jesus. ... The Bible only teaches us that Joseph kept her a virgin until after the birth of Jesus (see ...