Basketball player Michael Jordan won a total of six championships during his long and distinguished career. The first championship that Jordan won was at age 27 when playing for the Chicago Bulls. Jordan joined the Chica... More »

Basketball player Michael Jordan, widely thought of as one the greatest basketball players of all time, won six NBA championships, all with the Chicago Bulls. His first championship ring came in 1991, and his last came i... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Athletes

Michael Jordan won six NBA Championships during his time as a professional basketball player, so he has six rings. The Chicago Bulls had two different three-peats with Jordan on the team. Jordan won his first ring in the... More »

Basketball great Michael Jordan wore three jersey numbers throughout his NBA career: number 23 with both the Bulls and the Wizards, number 12, and number 45. During his brief stint as a minor league baseball player with ... More »

Michael Jordan won five regular season Most Valuable Player awards during his career with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan earned MVP honors for the 1987-88, 90-91, 91-92, 95-96 and 97-98 seasons. More »

The accomplishments of basketball legend Michael Jordan include Rookie of the Year, winning numerous NBA championships, earning the title of NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) five times, scoring 10 titles and ultimately ret... More »

Michael Jordan scored a total of 32,292 points in his NBA career, which positions him as the third-highest scoring player of all time. The only players with higher total scores are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, with 38,387 points... More »