A pentagon has five sides and five interior angles which add up to a total of 540 degrees. To determine the number of degrees of the interior angles in a pentagon requires subtracting two from the number of sides (five) ... More »

A pentagon is a two-dimensional geometric figure that has five sides. A regular pentagon is one where all five sides are the exact same length and the internal angles are all 108 degrees. More »

According to the University of Washington math department, a regular pentagon has five obtuse angles. The sum of all angles for a regular pentagon is 540 degrees, making each angle 108 degrees. Any angle over 90 degrees ... More »

The sum of the interior angles of a pentagon is 540 degrees. Each of the five interior angles of a regular pentagon measures 108 degrees. More »

A heptagon is a figure or polygon that has seven angles and seven sides. The sum of these seven interior angles has to equal 900 degrees. More »

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The degrees of a polygon, or the sum of its angles, depends on the number of sides the polygon has. The sum of the degrees of the angles of a polygon equals 180(n-2), where n equals the number of sides of the polygon. More »

A triangle can never have any parallel lines because there must be three angles that add up to 180 degrees, which makes it impossible for the three sides to avoid intersecting. A parallel line can never intersect with an... More »