More than 400,000 Americans died during World War II. The vast majority of these casualties were military personnel. Only about 1,700 American civilians died during the course of the war. More »

During World War I, a total of 116,516 American soldiers were killed. That is the seventh most deaths of any country that participated in the war. The United States sent 4,355,000 soldiers to participate in the war, and ... More »

A total of 58,209 Americans died in the Vietnam War. Of these, 47,424 are listed as combat deaths, and 10,785 are listed as being killed in other circumstances. In addition, 2,489 Americans are listed as missing. More »

According to the National World War II Museum, 45 million civilians and 15 million combatants died during World War II. The number of soldiers wounded in battle was 25 million. These are estimates, and they are most like... More »

Approximately 45,000 Canadian soldiers and military members died during World War II, according to Veterans Affairs Canada. Over 14 million Allied soldiers and military died during World War II, and over 20 million total... More »

Many Americans opposed the Treaty of Versailles because the provision of joining a League of Nations meant an end to America's pre-war isolationism and an ongoing era of global involvement. In addition, German Americans ... More »

World War II ended on May 8, 1945, on the European front, when Germany surrendered to the Allied Powers. The war ended on the Japanese front on Sept. 2, 1945, when the Empire of Japan officially surrendered. Following th... More »