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Arbitrary base of comparison. Upper 70s are annoyingly loud to some people. Conversation in restaurant, office, background music, Air conditioning unit at 100 feet. 60. Half as loud as 70 dB. Fairly quiet. Quiet suburb, conversation at home. Large electrical transformers at 100 feet. 50. One-fourth as loud as 70 dB.


The range of 60-70 decibels sound pressure level is about as loud as normal conversation in 1 meter distance. The distance from the ears to the sound source is very important to the value of the SPL.


How loud is 65 decibels? dB is a measure of SPL, Sound Pressure Level, not of perceived loudness. The problem is that devices which respond to sound waves, like microphones or our ears, are more sensitive to some frequencies than to others. In add...


65 decibels falls in a middle range between tolerable background noise and more intense sounds. It is comparable to fairly loud public conversation or light traffic noise.


Sounds that are too loud or loud sounds over a long time, can damage your hearing. The loudness of sounds is measured in decibels (dB). Learn the decibel levels for different sounds and know which noises can cause damage to your hearing. Protect your ears when you are involved in a loud activity.


16 times as loud as 70 dB. Jet take-off (at 305 meters), use of outboard motor, power lawn mower, motorcycle, farm tractor, jackhammer, garbage truck. Boeing 707 or DC-8 aircraft at one nautical mile (6080 ft) before landing (106 dB); jet flyover at 1000 feet (103 dB); Bell J-2A helicopter at 100 ft (100 dB). 100: 8 times as loud as 70 dB.


Decibel Equivalent Table (whats how loud) 10dB Absolute silence. 13dB Incandescent light bulb hum. 15dB Pin drop from a height of 1 centimetre heard at a distance of 1 meter. 30dB Totally quiet night time in desert. 40dB Whispering. 60dB Normal conversation. 85dB Beginning of hearing damage range, earplugs should be worn


A typical untreated portable genset may be as loud as a lawn mover. It may be acceptable for a few minutes, but not for hours. It does not make sense to buy such a device if you or your neighbors won't be able to work or sleep because of it. This review will tell you what you need to know about genset noise and help you choose the quietest one.


音量の目安 50dB 60dB 70dB (住宅地・駐車場・交差点) - Duration: 0:25. 全国通販パトライト(PATLITE)社製回転灯の専門店電材ランド 12,627 views


Most noise levels are given in dBA, which are decibels adjusted to reflect the ear's response to different frequencies of sound. Sudden, brief impulse sounds, like many of those shown at 120 dB or greater, are often given in dB (no adjustment).