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According to MarketWatch, a 2012 study shows that by age 65, the average worker at a large employer must save 11 times her salary, after Social Security, to have enough money to sustain her through retirement. This amount allows for spending 85 percent of her pre-retirement salary annually during re


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You finally made it. You’ve scrimped and saved, invested what you could, paid for a house, college and all the other things that come with making a life. You’ve made some mistakes along the way, too, but everything’s brought you here. Now, you’re ready to enjoy your time away from the workforce. You


How long will your money last in retirement? Learn how much money you should save and how long your money will last in retirement at HowStuffWorks. Advertisement You're sitting poolside, the sun warming your skin, a cold drink in your hand and not a care on your mind. Now that you're retired, the on


Create a stream of income that will see you through retirement. Nicolas Hansen You've spent much of your career socking away part of each paycheck in your retirement accounts, carefully choosing your investments and faithfully sticking with your plan. Retirement is near -- or perhaps you've recently


We asked financial advisers for their advice on handling one of the biggest retirement worries. This content is subject to copyright. Financial advisers will tell you that the most telling—and risky—years of your retirement are the five before you leave the 9 to 5 world, and the five after you have


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No one likes paying taxes, especially once you've retired and are no longer earning a paycheck. So here are some steps to consider now that could pay off later. Although you can’t control all the challenges you might encounter as you move toward and through retirement, having a well-thought-out plan


The first step in planning for retirement is figuring out how much money you'll need, and where it will come from. Use these calculators and simple rules of thumb to estimate how much you'll need to retire.


Worried about the prospect of income? See our 4 ways to make money in retirement, that's not just confined to working online. Image Source: iStock/Poike You don’t have to be a millionaire to make your overseas dreams a reality. The opportunities to have a fun, interesting, creative, or rewarding job