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Butter can be kept unrefrigerated for several days, but conservative estimates put the shelf life of room temperature butter at one to two days, at most. The ambient temperature of the room will determine how quickly the butter spoils; keeping it at 65 degrees Fahrenheit or below is best.


According to the USDA, butter is the lone dairy food listed as safe to keep when the power goes out. USDA In fact, butter-induced illness outbreaks are so rare, the last one was reported in the ...


Factors leading to spoiled butter are exposure to air and light, so keep it in a covered butter dish or butter crock that will protect it from both air and light, and help to keep it at a steady temperature to stay cool enough to hold its shape.


But it takes longer than 15 minutes to bring butter to room temperature, which many recipes call for. Many professional bakers bring butter to room temperature overnight. Covering unrefrigerated butter or leaving it in the wax paper reduces the likelihood it will become rancid, absorbing flavors or odors.


Experts Have Declared the Amount of Time You Can Safely Leave Butter Unrefrigerated. Yes, dear readers, you read that correctly, and we’re not joking, either. ... You can keep butter out on the counter for up to two weeks— but there’s a catch. Yes, two whole weeks. That’s the extreme upper limit for how long you can keep butter on the ...


But for the butter to be safe for that long, it should be salted, pasteurized butter. It also won't work during the summer. If your kitchen is above 70 degrees, you should keep your butter in the fridge, no matter what kind it is.


Butter is made from pasteurized milk so the chances of bacteria growth are relatively low in fresh butter. Also, there is a low water content in butter, and often there is added salt as well, which also inhibits bacteria.


Buttering bread with cold butter is pure misery — but does butter need to be refrigerated? If not, how long does butter last and how long can butter sit out before it goes bad? Some people do ...


Butter producer Land O’Lakes advises against storing butter in the butter keeper on the fridge door, as the temperature there may be higher than elsewhere in your refrigerator. In a typical fridge, butter will keep for as long as four months. It can also be frozen for up to a year (longer freezing may impair flavor and texture).


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