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One approach is to save 10 to 15 percent of each paycheck for retirement. Fidelity suggests aiming to have eight times your annual income in an account by retirement age.


As of 2015, the average balance of savings for Americans nearing retirement is $100,000, according to U.S. News. However, 45 percent of Americans reach retirement age with no savings at all. Individuals with eight times their final yearly salary in savings are less likely to outlive their savings, s


Although average retirement savings statistics for California are not available as of 2015, the median retirement savings balance nationwide for all working-age households in 2010 was $3000, according to the National Institute on Retirement Security.


We fully admit that finding that extra cash every two weeks isn’t easy. But scrounging now beats being broke at age 70. This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. To order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your colleagues, clients or customers visit http://www.djreprints.co


Here’s a step-by-step look at how to save for retirement and what you can do today to help you save even more. Preorder our new book and get free coaching! 10 Minute Read 10 Minute Read Chris Hogan Ramsey Personality Chris Hogan Ramsey Personality We all know it’s important to save for retirement. A


If you're a millennial, the "average retirement savings by age" approach might be causing you to over save. Ahead, the co-founder of Stash explains Even if you haven't put all that much thought into saving for retirement, you're probably familiar with charts like these that outline how much you shou


Our guide to how to save for retirement will walk you through which retirement accounts to use and how much to contribute to them. No retirement account? See the best options We'll show you which retirement accounts may work for you, then walk through how to figure out how much to save. Many or all


You don't have to be rich or save a ton to retire. Believe it or not, you can retire comfortably without saving a penny - here's how. Graeme Robertson / Staff / Getty Images Saving for retirement may be smart, but it's becoming increasingly difficult for a large swath of the population. A GoBankingR


Retiring doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming if you start saving early. Follow these tips to secure your financial future. Read full profile Many young people don’t think about starting a retirement fund because retirement is decades away. However, in order not to overwhelm yourself when you’re


Christine and Stephen Toma have more-modest goals for their retirement stash. But they're thankful that their employer, Kuchera Industries, in Johnstown, Pa., has prompted them to make saving a high priority. Christine and Stephen Toma have more-modest goals for their retirement stash. But they're t