Complete recovery from cataract surgery takes approximately one month barring any complications, according to All About Vision. A large number of patients experience clear vision several hours after surgery, while others... More »

Recovery time following cataract surgery largely depends on the patient, according to VisionAware. Some patients fully recover the day following the surgery, while others take a couple of days to recover. Some patients t... More »

An individual can recover from cataract eye surgery by avoiding physical exertion, taking medication, avoiding pressing the eyes, having follow-up care from the surgeon and generally wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

To hasten recovery after cataract surgery, avoid bending over in the hours after surgery, avoid swimming pools and hot tubs during the first week after surgery, and refrain from strenuous activity for several weeks after... More »

As long as the patient is healthy, an uncomplicated cataract surgery takes around 10 minutes to complete, states All About Vision. Postoperative recovery from the anesthesia takes 30 minutes or more. More » Health Vision

Patients who undergo cataract surgery should not drive on the day of the procedure, according to All About Vision. Many patients report clear vision several hours after cataract surgery and can resume daily activities, s... More »

Uncomplicated cataract surgery should only last approximately 10 minutes, according to All About Vision. After cataract surgery, patients may stay in a recovery room for 30 minutes to an hour before they can go home. More » Health Vision