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Before we discuss on how long do rabbits live in captivity, let us first get to understand what living captivity means. It means that any wild animal that is held by humans and prevented from escaping is said to be living in captivity.


Pet rabbits live on average 9 or 10 years but they can live up to13 or 14. Other rabbits that are in captivity, like test or meatrabbits, have a much shorter lifespan -- anywhere from babyhood ...


Adult bunny's normally don't live long in captivity. I have some baby cotton tail rabbits that are wild for the last three days and they have been like a dream! THEY ARE are still on milk.i give them kitten milk replacer it has worked.


Rabbits can live many years. So, How Long Do Pet Rabbits Live? Answers to this question vary depending on a number of factors. How long your rabbit lives will be dependent on the nature and amount of care your pet bunny will receive during its life, breed, and its living environment.


As a house rabbit with vet care, and a good diet, a pretty long time. Larger breeds tend to live a little shorter than smaller breeds large-medium size breeds: 6–10 years small breeds: 8–12 years The reason most people don't think rabbits live tha...


How long do rabbits live in captivity? In captivity, rabbits will live longer as opposed to those in the wild, with a life expectancy of 8 to 12 years. These animals can live up to 18 years. This is also dependent on how well individuals take care for their pet rabbits.


How Long Do Rabbits Live In The Wild? The life expectancy of a wild rabbit is much shorter than our domestic pets. In fact, a wild rabbit usually only lives for about a year….sometimes two. Wild rabbits don't live very long because of a variety of different factors.


Its lifespan will be determined by the care and attention you give it while is under your. 2 12 years if cared for properly, however, rabbits in the wild do not live as long a domestic rabbit or ...


Sometimes, captivity generally refers to the keeping of domesticated animals. Therefore, lionhead rabbits in captivity tend to live longer than wild lionhead bunnies. This is because those in captivity tend to get much care and security than their counterparts in the wild. How to make lionhead rabbits live longer


Everyone wants their pet to live a long and healthy life. By now, the lifespan of cats and dogs is fairly common knowledge. Rabbits, on the other hand, are a little trickier, though they do have an average lifespan just like other animals. Whether you’ve had a rabbit friend for years or you’re ...