According to Core Physicians, gastritis may last from a few hours to several weeks, depending on what caused it. Usually, if it’s caused by food or beverages, the symptoms may last for only a few hours. If it is caused b... More »

Most cases of gastritis resolve quickly after treatment begins, according to Mayo Clinic. The National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse explains that untreated gastritis can last for years or even a lifetime. More » Health Conditions & Diseases Gastrointestinal Issues

Scrapes heal in three to seven days if minor; however, a deep or severe wound may take up to two weeks, according to WebMD. The scrape may ooze for up to four days, but this is a normal part of the healing process. More »

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Erythema of the stomach, or reddening of the stomach, is typically a sign of gastritis. Gastritis is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach. It can also occasionally be caused by inflammatory bowel disease, specifi... More »