Falling asleep instantly can be challenging. This can be done, however, by doing activities that will calm the mind, such as taking a hot shower, reading a book, listening to relaxing music or meditating in bed. Eating a... More »

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To help teenagers get the recommended nine to ten hours of sleep each night, ensure that loud music and stimulating activities are avoided in the evenings in order to help the mind relax. Other helpful suggestions includ... More »

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Some tips for falling asleep quicker include writing down worries instead of dwelling on them, removing distractions such as smartphones (even if they are used as alarm clocks), breathing deeply and relaxing the body. E... More »

Avoiding stressful interactions and television screens before bedtime can help you to sleep better at night. You can also make falling asleep easier by creating a peaceful environment that takes into account the room tem... More »

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Some tricks to help someone fall asleep are turning off all lights, sticking to a regular sleep schedule, practicing relaxation techniques, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol before sleep, according to Helpguide.org. In o... More »

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Falling, dying, having sex and being chased are just a few common types of dreams. While they can often have literal meanings, most of them represent subconscious fears, desires and observations. More »

For a classic wedding song, consider choosing "Can't Help Falling in Love," by Elvis Presley. Lyrics like "Some things are meant to be" make this a great first dance wedding song. The classic love ballad, "At Last," by E... More »

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