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If you’re treating a wound that’s infected—it’s red, painful, and oozing pus—or if the wound still looks dirty after washing it, our experts say it’s fine to use Neosporin topical ...


Neosporin are antibiotics that kill bacteria on your skin.. Neosporin (for the skin) is a combination medicine used as a first aid antibiotic to prevent infections in minor cuts, scrapes, or burns on your skin.. Neosporin may also be used for other purposes not listed in this medication guide.


How effective is Neosporin after the expiration date? - Answered by a verified Health Professional ... How effective is Neosporin after the expiration date? Customer Question. ... How long is Ibuprofen good before you should through it out, my son got Ibuprofen 800 March 2007, are they still good. ...


It is important to note that Neosporin can sometimes cause contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction characterized by redness, itching, and burning of the skin. When this happens, some people will mistake the inflammation for an infection and put even on more Neosporin, making the condition worse rather than better.


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Good storage practices lead to longer expiration dates. The two major conditions that significantly shorten Neosporin’s shelf life are: Stored in direct sunlight; Stored in high-temperature environments; So if we store our Neosporin in locations that avoid these conditions then we will prolong the useful life of our Neosporin.


A lot depends upon where the tube was kept. Heat and humidity, freezing, an open or poorly sealed tube, etc. all have an effect on how long and to what degree it will do any good. At some point, you end up with something like petroleum jelly. Th...


Neosporin is the go-to for scrapes, cuts, and so much more. Hangnail? Use Neosporin. Burn? Dab Neosporin. Busted pimple? Smear Neosporin. It’s the trusted ointment found in any well-equipped first-aid kit, and it’s touted by its manufacturer Johnson & Johnson as the “#1 Dr. Recommended Brand ...


Each tube of Neosporin includes an expiration date. Before each use, check the expiration date to make sure it's safe to use. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, the manufacturer of Neosporin, advises throwing away the tube if it has surpassed its printed expiration date.


Extensive research has shown that moisture is best, so it's important to keep your wounds covered. Using NEOSPORIN® First Aid Antibiotic Ointment, in addition to a bandage, kills all three of the most common skin bacteria to provide long-lasting infection protection.