A kangaroo is only truly pregnant for around 1 month, but she carries her baby kangaroos in her pouch from 4 months to sometimes more than 1 year. The length of time in the pouch depends on the specific type of kangaroo. More »

Kangaroos may live anywhere from nine to 22 years on average. The life span of a kangaroo depends on the species and whether the animal lives in the wild or in captivity. More »

A goat stays pregnant for approximately five months, though the gestation period may vary slightly depending on the type of goat. When a female goat gives birth, it is referred to as kidding. More »

A kangaroo's pouch is called a marsupium. The word is derived from the Latin word "marsuppium," which means a purse or a pouch. A kangaroo is a marsupial, an animal with an external pouch in which offspring suckle and de... More »

Tasmanian devils are typically born in litters of two or three after a gestation of 21 days and continue development in the mother's pouch while nursing for an additional four months. They are weaned between five and six... More »

What a kangaroo eats depends on the type of kangaroo, but generally they eat grasses, fruits, bark and flowers. There are more than 47 species of kangaroos living today. More »

A female kangaroo is called a "flyer," while a male kangaroo is called a "boomer," and a baby kangaroo a "joey," according to Ferris State University. There are more than 40 species of kangaroos, which are classified as ... More »