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Canada has also produced one of the world's most successful and widely used sounding rockets, the Black Brant; over 1,000 Black Brants have been launched since the rocket's introduction in 1961. In 1984, Marc Garneau became Canada's first male astronaut, followed by Canada's second and first female astronaut Roberta Bondar in 1992.


Canada has always been a rich country. It has abundant land, and massive amounts of natural resources. Canada has a long history of plenty, and it's history is one of success following success.


How long has Canada been a country? ... However the government of the country may have been different. There is no reason to think that it would not exist as a country. Of course it would.


Best Answer: July 1, 1867, and this is a big Canada Day because it's been 143 years and 1 is the number of letters in the word "I" 4 is the number of letters in the word "Love" 3 is the nummber of letters in the word "You" I Love You Canada


Some of these older civilizations had long faded by the time of the first European arrivals and have been discovered through archaeological investigations. Starting in the late 15th century, French and British expeditions explored, colonized, and fought over various places within North America in what constitutes present-day Canada.


The term socialist has been thrown around in the past few years. Since the cold war the term has garnered attention in the press and from politicians. ... Socialism works great as long as you have the huge pot of money or credit available to finance it. But when the credit card runs out, you’re in trouble. ... Canada is a democratic country ...


Canada's boundaries have been extended since 1867. The country now consists of 10 provinces and three territories. On June 20, 1868, the Canada's Governor General proclaimed that Canadians should celebrate the anniversary of the confederation. July 1 became a holiday, known as Dominion Day, in 1879.


How long Canadians can stay out of country or out of province is one of the most frequent questions asked of us. And though you might think it would require a simple answer, I must admit it could get a little complicated. Consequently, it's time for an update. First is the issue of US immigration rules that apply equally to all Canadians, regardless of the province that you live in. Canadians ...


Let’s see what interesting facts Mr. Orlando can tell us about how Canada became a country! ... this land was restored to the Inuit people who lived there long before the British and French ...


As others have noted, it was a gradual process. July 1, 1867 is what is usually considered the beginning as that is when three separate British colonies (the Province of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) united to form a federation, with four...