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According to InnerBody, the actual size of the stomach varies from person to person, but on average it's big enough to contain around 1 to 2 liters of liquid and food during one meal. The stomach can expand to hold around 3 to 4 liters.


The average human stomach has a volumetric capacity of between 0.25 and 1.7 liters, which is equivalent to between approximately 1 and 7 cups. Stomachs expand when taking in food and have a typical volume of around 1 liter after a meal.


WebMD describes gastroparesis as a digestive disorder associated with diabetes in which the stomach delays emptying. Although most people suffering from gastroparesis have type 1 diabetes, the disorder also sometimes occurs in people with type 2 diabetes. In most cases, people who develop gastropare


Bland foods, such as bananas, rice, applesauce and toast, are good to eat when a person an upset stomach, says WebMD. Water, sports drinks and other clear liquids are also helpful.


If a dog has a sensitive stomach, it is important to experiment to find the right diet for the animal; according to PetMD, high-quality foods tend to be easier to digest. Switching to a different food helps many dogs with sensitive stomachs to lead more comfortable lives. This process should be comp


The stomach of an adult is about the size of a fist. This organ has the ability to expand as much as 40 times its original size in order to hold a big meal or large fluid intake.


Vegetables, fruits and whole grains comprise a diet rich in vitamins that aid the body in healing stomach ulcers, according to Healthline. Failing to treat ulcers has detrimental effects over the long-term, as they have the potential to form holes in the stomach, which necessitate surgery.


Foods that an individual with a stomach ulcer should avoid include hot cocoa, cola, caffeinated and decaffeinated teas, citrus juices, and highly seasoned meats such as sausage or salami, according to Drugs.com. Alcohol is contraindicated, as are dairy products, spicy peppers, onions, garlic and str


Foods that do not cause bloating to the stomach include rice, banana, yogurt, herbal tea, cucumber and papaya. Instead, these foods are known to reduce and block the bloating effects of other food that is consumed by the body.


WebMD states that the process of stomach emptying is usually completed within two hours after eating. According to the Prince of Wales Hospital, several factors can alter the average time of stomach emptying, including the type and consistency of food eaten, hormone levels and special conditions, su