The length of time that wine lasts depends on the type and quality of wine. In general, white wine in a bottle is good for up to 2 years, and red wine in a bottle is good for up to 3 years. Boxed wine is only good for ab... More »

In general, a bottle of wine should be consumed within one to one and a half years of its vintage date. Exact timing varies depending on the type of wine. For example, the higher tannin content in red wine allows it to b... More »

If stored properly, a bottle of red wine can last up to a week after being opened. Without proper storage, it will only last a day or two. More »

Most brands of unopened wine will expire or spoil after a certain time. The shelf life of wine depends on the variety. More »

When buying cheap wine, look into regions currently experimenting with different varieties of grapes, look for a different type of wine than usual and go for the sweeter wines. Some of the best cheap wines on the market ... More »

Although it varies by brand and type, dry wine contains very minimal amounts of sugar per glass, medium wine contains anywhere from .5 to 2 grams of sugar per 5 fluid ounce glass, and sweet wine can contain up to 6 or mo... More »

There are between 0 and 6 grams of sugar in a glass of red wine, depending on the type of wine. The drier the wine, the less sugar. Dry and medium dry red wine has 0.5 to 2 grams of sugar, while sweet wine has around 6 g... More » Food Beverages Wine