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How long do hand sanitizers work? According to a recent survey, half of all Americans think the antibacterial gels last longer than they do -- which is two minutes, according to germ experts.


Hand sanitizers have an expiration date on their bottle just like toothpaste does. This date is typically 3 years from the date of manufacturing to guarantee its stability and effectiveness. This doesn't mean that you can't use sanitizer beyond its expiration date.


For many Americans—68 percent of them, according to one survey—hand sanitizer is a winter staple. But it turns out, the average person doesn’t know how long the stuff lasts—and according ...


Hand sanitizers have an expiration date listed on them. How long do hand sanitizers last and what is their effectiveness after this date? Most hand sanitizers have a 3-year shelf life. However, not all OTC FDA-regulated products, including hand sanitizers, require expiration dating on the package.


Does Hand Sanitizer Expire? Hand sanitizer expires when the amount of the sanitizer's antibacterial agent drops below 90 percent of the stated level. Although legally expired, a sanitizer may still have some effectiveness remaining after the printed date.


Small bottles of instant hand sanitizer are offered for sale at a pharmacy in Los Angeles. While alcohol-based sanitizers can kill most germs, a traditional hand washing is the only way to take ...


Hand sanitizer does not work effectively if it is not applied correctly. People need at least a dime size dollop, and should be able to scrub the hands together for 30 seconds. If the sanitizer dries in less time, it's likely that not enough was used, and the person should repeat the process.


and cleaning them with hand sanitizer. For example, alcohol-based hand sanitizers don’t kill ALL types of germs, such as a stomach bug called norovirus, some parasites, and Clostridium difficile, which causes severe diarrhea. Hand sanitizers also may not remove harmful chemicals, such as pesticides and heavy metals like lead.


Thanks to all the replies. I just bought one bottle of hand sanitizer last night and was a little p*ssed that it was expired. I always have a bottle of sanitizer with me around, however I hardly use em. When I really need and want use it, it's already expired. And yes, I do wash my hands instead of using sanitizer when I have the chance.


Hand sanitizer only last for two minutes, not effective at killing germs long-term: research ... The fact that hand sanitizers don't offer long-term protection may come as a shock to germiphobes ...