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If you plan accordingly, you can make your highlights last twice as long, saving you time, money and keeping your hair healthier. Sign in. Welcome! Log into your account ... Choose balayage over foil.


Forget ombre, balayage is the hair color trend you need to try this season. It gives sun-kissed natural looking hair that’s perfect for the summer months. But before you book your hair appointment, here’s what you need to know about balayage - from what it is, how it works and how to nail th...


HOW LONG DOES BALAYAGE LAST? The benefit of balayage is that you aren’t left with visible roots once your natural colour starts to grow through, in fact that’s the whole point. Balayage was designed to seamlessly blend into your hair so that it looks utterly natural.


It depends on a lot of factors—like if your hair has been dyed before, or how long your strands are. However, in general balayage does take a bit longer than foil because the stylist goes ...


How Long Does Balayage Last? Because Balayage lightens your hair chemically, you do not have to worry about this new color washing out. Also, because the color difference is quite subtle, it grows out easily, letting you wait longer between your follow-up salon appointments.


How long does Balayage last? Good news, lazy girls. Jack told us, 'A little balayage goes a long way, so it definitely costs less over time. You don't need to visit the salon every 6 weeks as you do with foils - you only need to see your colourist every 12-14 weeks as the highlights will grow out naturally.'


Balayage Cost. The average cost of balayage highlights starts at $70 for light, partial coverage on short hair, and from $150 to $200 for doing a full head of extra-long hair in several different tones. In comparison, a full-head of highlights may cost $60 to $150 in a salon.


How long does the treatment take and how long does it last? Ben says, “The process takes around an hour and a half, the durability of the colour and time period of which it will last is about 10 weeks before the hair needs to be re coloured but it will grow out naturally therefore no touch ups will need to be done between this.”


What Would You Do: Timing A Balayage Or Ombré Service - Behindthechair.com ... “I book new clients as my last appointment, so I essentially have an indefinite amount of time. ... Do a test strand to see how long it takes, then go back and alter the timing.” ...


Balayage can go 3 months. Ombre looks 3 to 6 months. The depth at the base keeps the maintenance easy. Glosses and demi colors can be done whenever you feel you need it. Done properly the regrowth is minimal. So when it fades, you can do it again or not. Double process color (bleaching and toning) must be done monthly.