Swans can live anywhere from 24 years to 33 years. Trumpeter swans live the longest out of the different species and tend to live longer in captivity than in the wild. More »

Swans are found throughout the northern U.S., Canada and Alaska. A large population of swans can be found in Alaska near the Copper River Delta and Prince William Sound, and some swans make a migratory trip to Michigan e... More »

Opossums, deer, boars and jaguars are all animals found in Uruguay. Common animals include rats, mice, squirrels and vipers. Rodents such as capybaras, coypu and chinchillas also live in Uruguay. More »

A female swan is called a pen. Its male partner is called a cob. The pen's offspring that is one year or younger is called a cygnet. More »

A male swan is called a cob. Male swans do not incubate the pen's eggs, but they swim close by and protect the nest from any predators. A female swan is called a pen, and their young are called cygnets. More »

Male swans are typically called cobs. This word is a variant of a Middle English word, cobbe, which referred to a leader of a group. This is likely where the word, and then the bird, got their connections to masculinity. More »

Seagulls live primarily in coastal regions, but are also seen near bodies of fresh water. There is a variety of seagulls, such as the herring gull, the Iceland gull and the common gull, all of which are native to differe... More »

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