Meerkats are native to South Africa and thrive in grasslands and along desert plains and plateaus. Meerkats do not climb or fly, which makes them perfectly suited for life as burrowing and ground-dwelling mammals. They c... More »

Many animals live in the Kalahari Desert, including tremolo sand frogs, giant bullfrogs, rhinoceroses, elephants, wild dogs, meerkats, gemsboks, social weavers, lions, spotted leopards, Cape cobras, puff adders, rock mon... More »

The average lifespan of a wolf spider is roughly one season, and it is exceedingly rare for one to survive for more than 18 months. Wolf spiders frequently become victims of cats, dogs and snakes, which contributes to th... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Spiders

Landforms of the Sahara Desert in northern Africa include dunes, plateaus, plains, mountains, dry valleys and lakes, salt flats, and oases. The desert covers about 25 percent of Africa, or 3.3 million square miles, and i... More »

Field mice are able to live any place that a human can survive, including human homes, sheds, barns, open fields, forests, plains, swamps, meadows, mountains and mine shafts. They are very common in the wild but are usua... More »

Natural habitats of porcupines include grasslands, forests and deserts. Some species can thrive well in brushy wetlands and along riparian areas. Some are good climbers and can be found in trees. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Rodents

According to The Nature Conservancy, roadrunners are able to survive in the desert because they have a gland near their eyes that secretes a salt-like substance that helps them retain water. Most roadrunners can survive ... More »