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I LOVE the scent of lilies. To me they are what Christmas smells like. I don’t grow them, but always take the stamens out of the flowers because, I understand the pollen is poisonous to animals and I don’t want my cats to get pollen on their furs and get sick from licking it off.


How Long Will a Peace Lily Live? By April Sanders. SAVE; It's impossible to predict how long someone will live -- even if that someone is a plant. You can, however, say with some certainty whether or not a plant is likely to stick around long enough to return your investment in it. ... Peace lilies live on average from three to five years ...


How Long Do Plants Live? The length of time a plant can live depends on the species. There are three classifications for the length of a plant's life span: annuals live one growing season, biennials live two growing seasons and perennials live more than two growing seasons.


How to Keep Cut Calla Lilies Fresh. Calla lilies (also known as Arum lilies) last well in a vase, sometimes up to two or three weeks under the right conditions. Callas are beautiful flowers, perfect for adding some natural brightness to a...


Stargazer lilies, aptly named for their upward shooting petals of pink, white and spotted-red, bloom in mid to late summer and early fall. Stargazer, an oriental hybrid of lily (Lilium spp ...


How long plants live will affect the way we control our weeds and manage our desirable plants. We can understand why shepherd’s purse does not cause the same problem as couch, where our rhubarb goes in the winter and why our cabbages go to seed following a cold spell in summer.


Asiatic lily care is simple once you’ve learned how to grow Asiatic lilies. The secret to beautiful, long-lasting blooms is learning the right way to plant Asiatic lilies. You’ll be rewarded with colorful and bountiful blooms on this prized perennial. How to Grow Asiatic Lilies. Scout for a location and prepare the soil ahead of time when ...


If you find yourself drawn to the exotic look of lilies and wonder ?can you grow lily plants in pots,? the answer is yes. As long as you have enough space on your porch, patio or balcony for a medium to large pot, it?s more than possible. This article will get you started.


The swaying masses of brightly colored and sweetly scented daylily blossoms fill the garden in the spring and summer. Native to eastern Asia and China, the daylily (Hemerocallis spp.) is hardy in ...


How Long Do Orchids Live? You’ve found a lovely orchid in the perfect shade to complement your home decor. But you find yourself wondering how long before you’ll need to swap a new one in its place. So how long do orchids actually live? It’s a question many new orchid owners ask, and one that we’re happy to answer. How Long Do Orchids Live?