Irises typically bloom for one to three weeks during the spring and summer months. Planting a varied selection of early blooming, mid-blooming and late-blooming iris species can extend the overall blooming period up to e... More »

Pansies bloom for two to four seasons a year depending on where they are planted. Generally, they bloom in spring and summer, although pansies may bloom through the fall and winter in USDA Zones 7 and higher. More »

Mums can bloom for several weeks and up to two months. This depends on several environmental factors, such as where they are grown, when they are planted and the care they are given. More »

An evergreen shrub that thrives in warm weather, gardenias typically bloom from about mid-spring to well into the summer months. Gardenias are easily recognizable by their iconic white flowers and strong distinctive smel... More »

Most iris flowers bloom in the late spring or early summer, though some hybrid varieties are remontant and may bloom again in late summer. The Old Farmer's Almanac recommends planting irises in mid- to late summer. More »

An interesting type of azalea is the recently developed Encore series, created by crossing spring and summer blooming azaleas to produce a selection of hybrids that bloom throughout three seasons. Outstanding varieties a... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Outdoor Plants & Flowers

Chrysanthemums, like many garden plants, are generally planted in the spring but do not bloom until the late summer months or early fall. Although they are relatively late bloomers, chrysanthemums produce spectacular, co... More »