Highlights are a permanent hair treatment. However, as hair grows, an individual's natural color will grow in, even in places where the highlights have been applied. More »

It is best to wait at least 4-8 weeks between highlight touch-ups, but this depends how long it takes an individual's hair to grow. Hair grows about half an inch per month on average, meaning that within 8 weeks, there w... More »

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Caramel is a flattering highlight color for dark brown hair. These highlights add a subtle and natural look. By using a shade that is similar to the dark brown color, both shades blend seamlessly. More »

Purple shampoo and a toner treatment are the best ways to fix brassy highlights. "Brassy" refers to the warm reddish or orange tones in blonde hair and is in contrast to "ashy" tones, which are those with bluish hues. More »

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According to Hair Finder, you should touch up your highlights every six to eight weeks. While the color of the highlights is permanent, the color will move down the hair shaft as it grows. More »

To do highlights, perform a strand test, mix the highlighting solution, apply it with a toothbrush, rinse, shampoo and condition the hair; then apply a glaze, rinse the glaze out and style the hair. This one-hour process... More »

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Garnier Olia is a permanent hair color that has many positive reviews and comes in multiple red shades. It is available in light, medium and dark garnet red. More »

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