The lifespan of frogs varies significantly depending on species and habitat. The oldest frog ever recorded was a European common toad that lived for 40 years. A measurement of skeleton growth in wild mountain yellow-legg... More »

Tree frogs live all over the world except for Antarctica. The amphibians are found in trees, ponds, lakes and other moisture-prone areas. More »

Red-eyed tree frogs live as far north as southern Veracruz and northern Oaxaca in Mexico, throughout the Central American countries of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, and as far south as th... More » Pets & Animals Amphibians Frogs

Tree frogs are different species of frogs that spend most of their lifespans on trees. They have evolved in such a way that they rarely, if ever, need to leave their arboreal state. More » Pets & Animals Amphibians Frogs

While most frogs have teeth of one kind or another, the actual number varies from individual to individual and from species to species, with some frogs displaying only vestigial teeth and others boasting full sets. All f... More »

Female frogs are larger than males in about 90 percent of species. Larger females have a reproductive advantage because they can store more energy and produce larger clutches. In species in which males are larger, males ... More » Pets & Animals Amphibians Frogs

Approximately 4,740 species of frogs exist across the globe. Frogs are found in every continent of the world except for Antarctica. The highest concentrations of frogs are found in warm, wet, tropical climates. More »