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How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last – Faded and Blurred Fingers. Expect blurring to occur within six to eight months. For color, fingers generally retain an ample amount of vivid color for six to twelve months. Finger tattoos have become a new trend, and a big one to say.


Finger Tattoos Can Fade, Plus 7 Other Facts You Should Know About The Popular Tattoo Trend ... If you want your finger tattoo to look good in the long run, you need to get it touched up fairly ...


How long do finger tattoos take to fade? Like inner lip tattoos, finger tattoos are basically temporary. Because the skin on your fingers regenerate quickly, the tattoos you get on this area will fade faster than other areas of the body. And if you think about it, there are a number of other factors that could cause finger tattoos to fade quickly.


So, inside finger tattoos, good or bad? Well, if you want a small tattoo that you accept may not stay or always look as awesome as the day you got it then by all means get a tattoo on the inside of your finger. They are small, simple and can look quite cool. But you have to accept it may not be there forever!


Finger tattoos, Do they last or need a lot of touch ups? I really want to get a ring "band" tattoo on my finger. Yes his name, (please no comments about that subject) but do they last? I ask because one washes their hands more often and to wear a regular band for conservative reasons. Does any one have one and are ok with the outcome? Should I ...


When I was shopping around for finger tattoos, no one would do them on me since I had zero tattoos. I just wanted a few dots, but they cited the above reasons and especially the job thing. Like, I'm not getting a swastika or LOVE/HATE or something. And they've got tattoo-covering concealer that works really well.


Finger tattoos can be a bad idea, but why? Here’s why tattoo artists will ask you to think twice, Wolverine… You’ve found that gorgeous – if somewhat microscopic – tattoo on Pinterest. It’s cute, sexy and, being on the side of your finger, demurely discreet (whilst also being totally obvious you have a tattoo).


The bad news is, there is no definite answer to the question of how fast finger tattoos fade, but there are a few ways that you can help prevent faster fading of your finger tattoo. Prevention If you are trying to prevent your finger tattoo from fading too quickly, there are a few things you can do.


Issues With Finger Tattoos. Q. Hey Jinxi, I love your site and have a question about getting tattoos on your fingers. My husband and I recently went to our favorite tattoo shop on our anniversary to get wedding band tattoos, only to be told that they won't tattoo fingers because the ink doesn't hold well.


Hand and foot tattooing is a fine art—so fine, in fact, that many tattoo artists simply refuse to do hand and foot tattoos. These spots pose obvious challenges due to frequent use during the healing process.Plus, hands are uneven surfaces with delicate skin and bone structures, which makes tattooing them much more difficult than other body areas, even for the experienced tattooist.