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In general, a bottle of wine should be consumed within one to one and a half years of its vintage date. Exact timing varies depending on the type of wine. For example, the higher tannin content in red wine allows it to be stored longer than low-tannin white wines.


Most brands of unopened wine will expire or spoil after a certain time. The shelf life of wine depends on the variety.


An unopened bottle of white wine can last over three years past its printed date. Factors that determine the shelf life of a wine include its vintage, its label, how it was prepared and how it is stored.


An unopened bottle of white wine lasts for one to two years, depending on its vintage and label, the method of preparation used, and how it is stored. When opened, one should consume white wine within one to three days.


An unopened bottle of nonvintage champagne stays good for three to four years. A bottle of unopened vintage champagne stays good for more than 20 years.


In general, red wines start to lose their aromas and flavors and begin to taste acidic 2 or 3 days after opening. However, the more bodied a wine is, the more likely it is to have a higher tannin-content. Tannins reduce a wine's deterioration upon contact with oxygen an...


The length of time that wine lasts depends on the type and quality of wine. In general, white wine in a bottle is good for up to 2 years, and red wine in a bottle is good for up to 3 years. Boxed wine is only good for about a year, but fine wines, stored properly, can l...